Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You'll now get paid more often by Alamy

Good News - Alamy will now pay out every time you clear $100!

Alamy knows that their payment threshold has been a frustrating subject for contributors. Alamy has decided to lower this from $175 to $100.

If you’re based in the UK or US and get paid by bank transfer, or get paid via Skrill Alamy continue to absorb all the transaction fees that go with paying thousands of photographers.

If not, unfortunately there’ll be a small charge - Alamy thought the benefit of getting paid quicker outweighs this and there’s an option to avoid paying these regardless of where you live - see the image below;
Alamy has added this to the Contributor Contract. The key changes are listed here. You can read the full contract here.

The changes come in on 30th November 2013 so if you have $100 or over cleared in your account by December 1st you’ll get paid in the December pay run.

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