Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alamy celebrates hitting mega milestone of 50 million images

Privately owned, independent stock photo agency Alamy is the largest single online destination for buyers and suppliers of imagery

(Image: Caption: The tanker Grape One sinks in the English Channel off Cornwall after taking on water in heavy storms. Image Ref: AF3M15 Credit: © Marc Hill / Alamy)

• Collection includes editorial & creative imagery, a live news feed, video and vectors
• Fair commission and ethical values continue to attract thousands of photographers every month

Stock photography library Alamy announced today that its collection has reached 50 million images, continuing to secure its place as the world’s largest online resource for imagery.

The first wholly digital library, Alamy is a popular destination for image buyers due to its vast collection, rich in variety and spanning both editorial and creative subjects. It adds 30,000 new images every day and is forecast to grow to 100 million in the next three years. Alamy’s first collection was IMAGINA Photography, and it now represents over 600 agencies including ZUMA Press, OJO images, Image Source, Blend, National Geographic, caia image and Hero Images. Alamy has the biggest aggregation of agencies anywhere. Alamy’s unique and broad selection of imagery is enhanced by its unrivalled worldwide network of over 130,000 photographers.

Rachel Wakefield, head of sales, said: “Our growing collection delivers a great competitive advantage, with lots of great new content being added all the time our collection continues to offer the depth and breadth our customers are looking for. This year we started our own mobile collection Stockimo, which already has 75,000 images and is meeting the growing trend for fresh, ‘of the moment’ photography.”

Alamy continues to attract thousands of new photographers and agencies every month who are drawn to the fair commission split of 50/50 (which is better than the main competitors in both standard and microstock), Alamy’s ethical values and the freedom to upload whatever they want with no tie-ins. Alamy continues to innovate and focus on building its contributor base and in early 2014 it launched Stockimo, a mobile app for iPhone photography which is attracting a new audience of photographers and delivering a fresh style of contemporary imagery. Alamy currently has over 130,000 registered contributors and has paid out $145 million so far.

Alamy photographer Stuart Roy Clarke comments: “I marvel at the Alamy process: committing many if not all of my pictures - some tucked away - to a portal where they can be transported to audiences and to markets. Meanwhile I have some learning to do - in captioning and keywording my photographs, I am seeing them anew, discovering things and textures, getting excited by the images as when I did when I first took them...but all over again! They seem to be attaining new meaning during the Alamy process. That I should be rewarded with sales over the long run, when it has been an extremely long run in assembling the images in the first place,becomes the icing on the cake - the party, a reward.”

About Alamy:
Founded in 1999, Alamy revolutionised stock photography by creating the world’s first open, unedited collection of images. With over 44 million images Alamy is the world's largest independent agency for news, stock and video imagery. It supplies thousands of designers, marketing departments, news desks, and publishers with imagery produced by the best professional and amateur contributors around.

Alamy provides the most comprehensive choice of imagery, supported by excellent customer service and a fast and simple online experience. Alamy is proud of its fair and ethical business model. It aims to be the first port of call for buyers and suppliers of imagery. It has a friendly and helpful approach. And it shares the rewards with its suppliers with fairness and transparency. Alamy’s business is underpinned by a philanthropic ethos.

See about Alamy for more information.

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