Monday, October 3, 2011

Pixmac reached 1 million photos directly uploaded by individual photographers

Leading microstock photography company Pixmac reached 1 million photos directly uploaded by individual photographers. Together with over 10 million photos from other sources Pixmac offers the widest variety of subjects.

The three year old microstock site now boasts over 11 million images and one of the easiest user interfaces in the market.

Viteslav Valka, Pixmac’s CEO states “Today we've reached 1 million photos directly uploaded to Pixmac. It's an important milestone and a proof that we attract contributors by sales not just by promises and talking about how cool we are. I hope that we all share the main target and that's generating revenue to each of you. That's what we're working on every day.”

Pixmac has been focusing on driving sales to its site rather than being active in contributor focused marketing. As Pixmac is also reselling photos from other agencies it already generates earnings to contributors using other agencies.

September 2011 was a ‘BME’ which stands for Best Month Ever in terms of contributors revenue at Pixmac. And we wanted to thank you all for support.

About Pixmac
Pixmac is a leading microstock photography site offering millions of images at budget prices. Photos from $1 with the ability to source, download and buy an image in less than 3 minutes. No registration process. Pixmac offers a fast, time-saving site with great customer service.

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